Ready for iOS 7.1.x!

ScreenDimmer allows you to save battery life by automatically dimming your device's screen after a pre-defined time; or if you wish by turning the backlight off.

Most users suffer unnecessary battery drain while having their iPhone not on standby. Setting auto-lock to a short time makes it better, but is an inconvenience most of the time due to permanent locking and unlocking while waiting for something.

ScreenDimmer is the solution for this problem: Save battery life by reducing the backlight to a minimum if the device hasn't been used for a pre-defined time and reduce the waste of the most energy consuming component, the backlight, of the iPhone or iPod.

Free yourself from worrying about locking your device


Brought to you by the developers of 3G Unrestrictor and Firewall iP.



Note: you can edit the settings in the!

  • Longer battery life
  • Can turn the display's backlight off
  • Dims the screen after a user defined time
  • Doesn't dim the screen if the battery is being charged
  • Doesn't dim if an app needs the screen (navigagtion software, video players, …)
  • Ability to exclude apps from dimming
  • Option to disalbe LockScreen right after respring/reboot

  • Option to Lock device when disconnected from the PowerSource

  • Option to disable locking while device is charging/docked

  • Prevent dimming by Accelerometer

  • Undim by Accelerometer

  • Configuration interface in the Settings app

ScreenDimmer has been tested to work on all iPhones, iPods and the iPad running firmware 3.0 to 7.x.
  • compatibility with iOS 7
  • bugfixes
  • support for arm64
  • improved dimming for iOS 6.1, especially with iOS 6.1's bug.
  • fix for activator-enabled dimming (iPhone 5)
  • fix for iPhone 5 to keep digitizer (touch) enabled when the display is turned off by SD
  • fix for excluded apps, bug accidentally introduced in the last update. sorry for that.
  • fix for disabled idle timer in apps
  • compatible with iOS 6
  • Activator Action to dim screen (set in Activator's preferences)
  • minor improvements
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