fixed frame behavior if showing Smart App Banners
    improved handling for Scroll Up and Scroll Down when using swipe Gestures
    option to hide iOS6's overlay buttons in FS mode
    improved 3-finger-swipe gesture handling.
    fixed scroll-down
    fix for one-tap-and-hold gesture
    better Pull-To-Action
    support for iOS 6
    better Pull-To-Action
    option to disable Pull-To-Action
    improved one-tap-and-short-hold handling
    added "Pull-To-Action"
    new Action "Add to Reading List" (iOS 5.0+)
    new Action "Go to Reading List"(iOS 5.0+)
    new Action "Private Browsing Mode" (iOS 5.0+)
    now shows the button bar when going to bookmarks when in full screen mode
    fixed possible crash bug
    fixed possible display issue in landscape
    minor fix for 4.3.x
    Option to keep the StatusBar
    Option for transparent ButtonBar
    Various enhancements
    option to open Safari in FullScreen Mode
    added Actions: add Bookmark, Open Safari Download Manager (if installed), show Tabs
    fully configurable ActionPopUp: add and place any action to any field
    just tab outside of the ActionPopUp to close it
    ActionPopup now indicates if Go Back, Go Forward, Tab Back, Tab Forward are possible
    bugfix: toolbar wouldn't properly recognize touches if in LandscapeLeft
    fixes short delay between pressing a toolbar icon and the resulting event
    increased sensitivity for 2 finger swipes
    improved stability, memory usage and speed
    added OneFinger tap and hold, OneFinger double tap and hold
    added Action popup
    new Action: Open predefined URL
    fixed rare crash issue when resuming Safari. Sorry for that.
    added Two-Finger-Double-Tap Gesture
    added "None" as Action

initial release